Lubrication system

Lubrication System

Lubrication system

In order to reduce friction and accumulation of glue resedue on the log saw a lubrication can be fitted to your log saw.

The lubrication system spray a water based lubricant controlled by a PLC and and high-tech spray nozzles. As the water evaporates a lubricant film is left on the log saw allowing for higher cutting rate and fewer overheated log saw blades.

The lubrication system is made up by 3 main components,

  • Controller system (PLC)
  • Spray nozzzles
  • A pressurized holding tank for the solution.

The lubrication system can also be delivered without the PLC and utilize the log saw controller instead.

The lubricant solotion is certified according to H1 of FDA (Incidental Food Contact)