High Quality in every part and every step

Delivering consistently high quality products is of the utmost importance to us. High quality products are combined with expertise service and fast deliveries. Our modern CNC machines and experienced personnel makes it all possible.

Our production is focused on high flexibility, enabling us to meet most all the specific demands of our customers.This means that we are able to manufacture almost any kind of tissue knives in single pieces or several thousand pieces. So if you tell us what you want, we deliver it!


Swedknife serve the soft paper and tissue converters by supplying highest quality knives for a number of applications, mainly perforating knives for Perini, Futura, Gambini, PCMC, Bretting and Kawanoe Zoki tissue converting machines to name a few.

Swedknife supply both anvil and perforating knives in various steel qualities, including High Speed Steel (HSS), Tool Steel and Bi-metal Steel supplied by leading steel manufacturers.


Swedknife manufactures perforation knives, anvil and cutting knives for packaging machines, wrappers, bundlers.

Some of the machine brands are Casmatic, TMC and Optima to name a few.

The steel used is Tool Steel with or without TIN coating and Bi-metal Steel supplied by leading steel manufacturers.

Napkin / Hankerchief

Swedknife manufacture cut-off knives, folding knives and more for Handkerchief and Napkin machines.

The knives are made from various steel qualities, including High Speed Steel (HSS), Tool Steel and Bi-metal, supplied by leading steel manufacturers.

Ancillary Equipment

Swedknife supply a long list of ancillary parts and equipment for the Tissue industry.

For log saws made by the most known manufacturers, Perini, Futura and PCMC, Swedknife supply log saw blades, grinding stones, dressing sticks and lubrication systems.

Swedknife also supply glues scrapers, cutting knives, core cutters and more.

Paper Industry

Swedknife supply various products and equipment for the Paper and Carton industry.

Some of the offered products are Guillotine knives, rip-off knives and chipper knives.

Typical dimensions for Guillotine knives (reel splitters) are 2900 or 2800x200x14 mm made from high quality Chrome steel or High Speed Steel (HSS).

Smaller guillotine knives for the paper industry, tissue converters and printers are made from Chrome steel, Tool steel or HSS, with or without Tungsten inlay.