Ancillary Equipment

Swedknife supply ancillary equipment and parts to make the scope of delivery complete for tissue converters. In addition to our own products we work with suppliers of log saw blade, grinding wheel, dressing sticks, lubrication system and other consumables.

Log saw blades

Swedknife supply log saw blades in various steel qualities to most brands of log saws on the market.

The log saw blade is  supplied with or without ...

Grinding wheels

Swedknife supply CBN grinding stones for log saws and band knives in several dimensions, common supplier of machines are Perini, Futura and PCMC


  • 100x15x20 mm ...

Band knives

Band knives for napkin and industrial roll converting machines of various models and many dimensions

Single or double sided cutting edge


Dressing sticks

Swedknife supply dressing sticks for CBN grinding wheels.

The dressing stick is used for removing grinding residue and glue from the surface of the grinding wheel. By opening the surface on...

Embosser blades

Swedknife supply doctor blades for embossers


  • 50×0,30 mm...

Glue scrapers

Swedknife manufacture glue scrapers for many applications including core making machines


  • High Speed Steel E-M2 (HSS)
  • Bi-metal...

Lubrication System

Lubrication system

In order to reduce friction and accumulation of glue resedue on the log saw a lubrication can be fitted to your log saw....

Circular knives/Core Crushers

Swedknife supply circular knives  (core crusher) for core making machines in many dimensions


  • HSS (High Speed Steel)...